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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Watch Solar Eclipse 26 February Live Streaming India Online Videos

Solar Eclipse 2017 is on 26 February 2017. There are many many facts of Solar Eclipse including effects by Horoscope, Astrological, By Science, By your Spiritual Signs and Astro Signs it effects on your life. This year in 2017, First Solar Eclipse is on 26 February 2017. Which are the country places where this Solar Eclipse is available to Watch Live-Live at natural place and which are the places where this event of Sun, Moon, Earth is not visible due to natural places of the Stars. 

Solar Eclipse 2017 - 26 February

Read this article to know about what is a Solar Eclipse, when is next Solar Eclipse in 2017,2018 and when it will be visible in India which year as probably this year in 2017, the February 2017 month Eclipse is not visible to Indians. So you can catch this natural events action online through live streaming facility provided by the websites portal which offers Live Streaming Videos of Sola Eclipse 2017 from your home internet.

In 2017, Solar Eclipse is visible to World countries in limited places where there Solar Eclipse is easy to watch due to angle set by the Sun, Moon and Earth, however some Asian countries, this natural event may not be visible, but the people who are eager to watch this event can catch the live action with live streaming videos online through live streaming videos websites where there other countries people can show you through web cam facility where you can see Solar Eclipse 2017 on computer, mobile or laptop or tablet machine.

What is a Solar Eclipse?

The solar eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the earth and the sun, blocking the rays from the sun and casting a shadow on the earth. Solar eclipses appear in four different forms namely; total solar eclipse, annular solar eclipse, partial solar eclipse and hybrid eclipse. The total solar eclipse occurs when the moon covers the Sun completely and casts its shadow on the Earth. It only occurs when the Moon is closest to the earth (perigee).

Unlike the total solar eclipse, the Annular eclipse occurs when the Moon covers the center of the Sun, leaving the outer part uncovered. The partial solar eclipse happens when the Sun is partially covered by the moon and a partial shadow is cast on the Earth. Lastly, Hybrid eclipses are unique and rare forms of eclipses. They occur as a result of annual eclipses turning into total solar eclipses.

Image 1: About Solar Eclipse Event

Places Where Solar Eclipse 2017 is Visible Live Events Catch Activity Online Websites

Know the Places & Areas Cover By The Solar Eclipse 2017 to watch live action of natural event.

On February 26th, 2017, the Earth will experience an annular solar eclipse that will as a “ring of fire” in the sky.The spectacle eclipse will be visible to about half a billion people living in the lower part of South America, western and southern Africa and about a half of Antarctica. Countries where the eclipse will pass include Chile, Argentina, Angola, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In Chile, a ring of fire will be witnessed in the sky from Puerto Aysen and Coyhaique for 1 minute. The path of annularity will cross Argentina through Chubut province and cross the South Atlantic for 2 ½ hours heading to Bentiaba before arriving in Huambo, Angola. Lastly, the annularity will pass through Zambia’s North-Western Province and end at Likasi in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In addition, the partial eclipse will be experienced in Sao Paulo and Lagos.

Image 2: Solar Eclipse 2017 Path.
This image shows how the solar eclipse is visible to which contenants and countries where there the live events is naturally visible to the residents.

If Solar Eclipse is not visible to your country then you can watch the live natural action of the first solar eclipse in 2017 which you can see live streaming videos in various astronomy websites. These websites provides direct links of the videos to watch live streaming videos of solar eclipse online 2017.

Watch Live Streaming Websites Videos of Solar Eclipse Event 26 February 2017

Catch the live action of this natural event on following websites where there you can see the visible eclipse 2017.
Websites To Watch Solar Eclipse 2017 Live Streaming Videos Online
  • Slooh (http://live.slooh.com/stadium/live/the-southern-ring-of-fire-solar-eclipse)
  • Geek Wire, Exploratorium (https://www.exploratorium.edu/eclipse). 
  • The eclipse streaming live at http://live.slooh.com/stadium/live/the-southern-ring-of- fire-solar-eclipse and you can watch it at 12 pm GMT on Sunday 26th February.

YouTube may provide live streaming videos of live solar darshan online through various links,so you can check YouTube website when solar eclipse event happen in real so visit YouTube website and download the videos to watch this event.

During the broadcast, Gerard Monteux will guide views across the world on the path of the eclipse across continents. Other guests will include; Founder of Rooster Teeth Productions, Burnie Burns, Dr. Kate Russo, Astrophysicist Graham Jones, Slooh Astronomer Paul Cox and Helen Avery, Human Spirit correspondent. Enjoy your view of the spectacular annularity.

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